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How can you help keep the goats safe on Goat Island?

How can you help the goats stay on goat island?  

#1️⃣ Don’t bring any dogs to the island, it scares the goats and they drown trying to escape.  We love dogs and we love goats but they don’t mix on Goat Island. 

#2️⃣ You can donate directly into the box on goat island to help with the expenses for the family that owns the goats who share their beloved pets with all of us. 

#3️⃣ You can purchase a 2018 Goat Island benefit shirt where 50% of the profits will be given to the owners through July 31st 2018.  This is in coordination with the goat owners, The Baker Family.  Shirts available on  

Lets support the goat owners and ensure the goats health and safety for many years to come. ❤️🐐🏝  

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