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UnSalted Waters is more than a brand, It’s a love for the lake and the freshwater lifestyle.  It’s sunset pontoon rides, tubing, rope swings, sea-doo rides, anchoring in a slough, wake boarding, kayaks, tan lines, jumping off the dock and campfires on the shore.  It’s the time we spend on the water with our closest friends, our family and those new friends you make every summer.  UnSalted Waters is an adventure, a way of life, a freshwater lifestyle. 

The journey to bring UnSalted Waters to fruition has taken place over the past couple years.  It started with a desire to create a brand that was specific to activities and enjoyment on the lake. Whenever I found apparel, it was always geared towards beaches or salt water fishing, and when I did find something it didn’t really encompass the lake experience that we have enjoyed on multiple lakes throughout our lives.  

I had a desire for merchandise that was lightweight, fun, yet well designed and embodied the love for all things lake living.  


A freshwater brand created in 2017, Based on Lake Martin in Alabama.